Poonhill Trek

5 Days

Poonhill trek in Nepal is an incredible 5 days package that is surely going to elevate your trekking experience to another level. Delve into one of the easy yet impressive short trekking in Nepal that will take you closer to nature. Trek through amazing villages, rhododendron forest, bamboo forest, stunning landscape, rich flora and fauna and accumulate memories of a lifetime with Poonhill trek.

Poonhill trek, commonly known as Ghorepani Poonhill trek, is achievable by anyone with good physical and mental health. It is considered to be a moderate trek by avid trekkers. For those who don’t have enough time to go for long trekking in Nepal, Poonhill trek is the ideal trek. Embark into the 5 days trekking package to enjoy the visual treat of nature.

Poonhill trek is the most preferred short trek for people to spend their short vacation. People and trekkers go for Poonhill trek to play with snow and to observe the clearest and wonderful view of snow-clad mountain ranges in the vicinity. The highest altitude to be achieved in this trek is 3,210m so there is a minimum chance of altitude sickness to occur in trekkers.

This low altitude trek is quite popular among trekkers as ‘Sunrise Hike’ and is also one of the best holiday destinations among Nepalese due to its various features. This single trek encompasses several classic villages like Ghorepani, Ghandruk, Ulleri, and Tadapani and the sunrise view from the viewpoint is spectacular. People wake up before the sun and wait for the mountain sunrise to capture in their lens.

It is better to learn about the weather condition and the best time to visit long trekking in Nepal but the exciting characteristic about this trek is that it can be set about at any time of year. Conquering the Poonhill trek is recommended mainly during winter. Make your plans in between October to December so that you can fully enjoy the worth of Poonhill trek. Other than that, during spring, the sky is clear and you can witness the picturesque view of mountain vistas. The flowers are blooming and everything seems fresh at this time of year. Spring is considered suitable for taking up Poonhill trek.

Poonhill trek is a hassle-free trek set in the Annapurna Conservation Area so you should strictly acquire two permits: ACAP and TIMS card. These permit cards are convenient to make just humbly contact us for further information. You have to show these cards at various checkpoints.

It is not a remote trek so it is not necessary to worry about various facilities, accommodation, and food during the trek. Since it is a short trek with low altitude, it
is cost-effective. Poonhill trek package will hardly cost $40K – $50K for the entire package.

Poonhill Trek Highlights:

  • Incredible Annapurna range and mount Dhaulagiri view
  • Famous Sunrise view at Poonhill
  • Explore the local lifestyle of Gurung and Thakali settlement
  • Travel through small villages of Ghorepani, Ghandruk, and Tadapani
  • 360-degree mountain view from Poonhill
  • Wonderful rhododendron and bamboo forest
  • Distinct species of vegetation and animals

Outlined Itinerary:

This package is designed in such a way that you can grab a glimpse of all the important features of Poonhill trek. If we stick to the itinerary, it would be a convenient and fruitful trek. Poonhill trek begins from Pokhara and ends at Pokhara. Crossing meadows, waterfalls, diverse vegetation, forests, diverse species of birds and animals, tranquil villages, small rivers will finally take us to the serene spot of Poonhill. From the Poonhill viewpoint, the view of the mountains turning golden as the sun rises will leave you speechless. A cool breeze blows continuously so wear something warm to protect yourself from cold. please see the detail itinerery in the itinerery section.

At Last,

Guesthouses and teahouses are in abundance in the Poonhill trek that caters accommodation furnished enough to make you feel comfortable. Consuming Dal-Bhat is highly recommended that provides you the ultimate power to conquer the trek without much fatigue. Aside from that, you can also find continental foods serving in various hotels.

Poonhill trek is commonly completed in 5 days. You can learn in-depth about the trekking trail, various villages, tales related to it and overall Poonhill trek with the help of an experienced guide who will take care of you and support you if any difficulties arise.

The package is budget-friendly so it won’t go heavy on your pocket. Poonhill trek is an ideal package you should choose when you have limited holidays. The service we provide is of top class. Get connected with Zeal Nepal Treks and Expedition and enjoy our service. If you have any queries regarding Poonhill trek, you can simply contact us or leave a message below.

<p>Waking up early in the morning, the fresh air of Pokhara will set up your mood for the whole day. If you are interested to watch the sunrise at Pokhara, reach out to Phewa Lake. You will witness the most beautiful scenery of sunrise behind the mountain and its reflection in the lake. The shimmering Phewa lake appears magical. Stroll around the lake for a while then have some delicious breakfast.</p><p>We will start off our journey from Pokhara. One hour drive directs us to Nayapul from where you will begin our trekking. It is going to be an easy trek from Nayapul to Tikhedhunga. Follow a conventional path for around 3 hours. It mainly encompasses the rhododendron forest. The blooming rhododendrons make the path extraordinarily beautiful.</p><p>Upon reaching Tikhedhunga, book a comfortable guest house to stay overnight. Leave your heavy luggage in the guest house and head to explore the beautiful village of Tikhedhunga. Interact with the people there and learn more about the village. You’ll love the traditional influence on their lifestyle. Devour typical Nepali dinner and sleep well.</p>

<p>The next day is going to be an exciting day filled with surprises. Savor delicious local breakfast and start a long trek from Tikhedhunga. The trekking trail will constantly offer you a glimpse of mountain ranges and passing through dense rhododendron forest will elevate your trekking experience.</p><p></p><p>The trekking route is not difficult but is quite inclined. Walking an inclined path for about 4-5 hours is somewhat challenging. The paths will be covered with snow during winter so it will really test your stamina. But, encountering suspension bridges, waterfalls, distinct species of animals and plants, snow-clad mountains will worth your toil. During your stay at a teahouse for lunch, trying ‘sukuti’ is recommended. Those are dried meat pieces fried in hot oil. The spicy yet sweet, crispy yet chewy taste of ‘sukuti’ will tease your taste bud for good.</p><p></p><p>Done with lunch, move your steps towards exploring the wonderful Ghorepani village of Annapurna region. It has one of the spectacular landscape views with a lot more to explore. Ghorepani is a Gurung village preserving old culture and tradition for ages. Have an up-close peek at the lifestyle of Gurung settlement. Perceive their rich culture and hospitality. Grab the chance to catch sight of their cultural dance, unique attire, and special dishes while you stay at Ghorepani. Don’t forget to be culturally sensitive while you explore them. They would appreciate it. After an exhausting day, enjoy a hot water shower with some extra charge and take an energizing nap.</p>

<p>On the third day, after a quick breakfast, we will hike to an elevation of 3,210m to Poonhill. It will be an easy hike. Throughout the trekking trail, the guide will flow lots of information about the place and interesting stories related to it. The guide makes your hiking journey entertaining without compromising safety and precautions.</p><p></p><p>Poonhill viewpoint one and a half hours walk takes us to the mesmerizing hilltop. It is also a popular hill station to spend limited holidays. Lose yourself in the serenity of the heavenly Poonhill. The beauty of Poonhill unfolds as the sun rises. Slowly the mountain turns to gold, and the view is the best version of the Poonhill trek. Admire the stunning 360-degree view of mountain ranges from Poonhill and take snaps of those beautiful moments for memories. The view of Annapurna massif, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, and many high peaks is too amazing to resist.</p><p></p><p>The continuous cool breeze keeps the temperature low most of the time. So be wise while preparing for trekking. After spending quality time at Poonhill, we will descend from the hilltop through a conventional trekking trial, which is less crowded and filled with natural beauty. Enjoy the snowy paths while descending to Tadapani.</p><p></p><p>Penetrating the subtropical forests, we finally reach Tadapani. Tadapani is another spellbinding small village hidden in the lap of Himalayas. Explore the outstanding scenic view of Tadapani and stay overnight at Tadapani.</p>

<p>Splurge into local Thakali food and quickly we will make our way to Ghandrunk. Ghandruk village is one of the major attractions of this Poonhill trek.</p><p> As we approach Ghandruk, we will come across cascading waterfalls making their way along our trekking trail. Upon reaching Ghandruk, we would realize that Ghandruk is a Gurung village with a stunning landscape. Set on the lap of high peaks, you will agree that the mountainous Ghandruk village is great for photography.</p><p></p><p>The Gurung village of Ghorepani is interesting to explore. Experience their unique culture and warm hospitality along with the sight of rhododendron forest, rich vegetation, green meadows, and panoramic mountain views. </p><p>The top-notch landscape of Ghandruk is considered to be the photographer’s paradise. You would not want to leave the surrounding. Once you’re done with exploring the village, we will settle at a nice guesthouse in Ghandruk for the night.</p>

<p>The dewy morning of Ghandruk is mesmerizing. Enjoy your morning tea with the company of snow-capped mountains. Express your farewell to the people there. After collecting amazing experience in a heavenly village of Ghandruk, it is time to depart from Ghandruk and make our way back to Nayapul.</p><p></p><p>Driving for 2 hour from Nayapul, we will reach Pokhara. There are many iconic places in Pokhara worthy of exploring. If we are able to save enough time to explore Pokhara then, we’ll go for it.</p><p></p><p>Pokhara is precisely a vacation spot. Pokhara is located in such a beautiful landscape where there are caves in abundance. These caves are cavernous that makes most of the visitors freak out. Caves like Mahendra cave, Bat cave, Gupteshwor Mahadev cave are some of the popular caves you must visit in Pokhara.</p><p></p><p>Another amazing attraction is Davis Fall. It is a massive waterfall that is worth watching. You can even enjoy cycling by the riverside.</p><p></p><p>Explore various eateries in Pokhara. You will find the finest food hub anywhere in Pokhara. Have a taste of Pokhara and don’t forget to tell us about your experience. There are various shops around Pokhara where you can buy beautiful sovenirs.</p><p>Handmade wooden goods, handcrafted stuff, and several local items made in Nepal are available in the Pokhara market. These have good quality and reasonable in price. After strolling around Pokhara, we will rest in a guesthouse in Pokhara. You can enjoy bonfire if the owner allows. Most of them do so have a great evening in Pokhara and by tomorrow morning we would have moved from Pokhara.</p>

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Poonhill Trek
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