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Chitwan National Park, synonymous with wilderness, is the first-ever national park to be established in Nepal. Located in the southern part of Nepal, in the district of Nawalparasi, Chitwan National Park was established in 1973 and was later listed as one of the World’s heritage sites in 1984.

If you want a glimpse of southern Nepal, you must visit Chitwan national park. Chitwan National Park, also known as the Sauraha jungle is enriched with rare and endangered wild animals, distinct flora and fauna, vegetation, birds, trees, and many more.

Covering a massive area of 932 sq. km, Chitwan National Park is the major tourist destination to spend short vacations. The commanding presence of the Royal Bengal Tiger in the Chitwan National Park will leave you awestruck. Moreover, there are 300+ bird species, 68+ mammal species, 126+ fish species, 67+ butterfly species, and 58+ reptile species.

Rare wild animals like One-horned Rhino, Asian Elephant, Gharial, Hog Deer, Leopards, Monkey, Sloth Bear, and many more are protected in this national park. The manifestation of these animals sometimes depends upon the time of the year you choose to visit the National Park. To know the best time of the year to visit Chitwan National Park, keep reading.

In the northern and western side of the national park, the Narayani-Rapti river separates the national park from human settlements. The river is also available for canoeing. We have to pay some fee then, we can go boating in the stunning Narayani-Rapti river.


  • Elephant safari/ jeep safari
  • Elephant bathing and showering
  • Visiting elephant breeding center
  • Explore Tharu culture
  • Canoeing trip in Rapti river


How do I get to Chitwan National Park?

Zeal Nepal will arrange a private vehicle for you to get to Chitwan National Park. To make transportation cost-effective, travel in a group rather than solo traveling. It would take around 6 hours to reach Sauraha from Kathmandu.

Road trips are cheaper and more exciting than flights, but flights give you an excellent view of the unmatched landscape of the Terai region from the air. For flights, you would have to take a flight from Kathmandu to Bharatpur and from Bharatpur, drive to Sauraha. It would take around 25 to 20 minutes to reach Bharatpur airport

How far is Chitwan National Park?

Chitwan National Park is 165km far from Kathmandu, in the south-central subtropical lowlands of Terai in the districts of Nawalparasi.

Which is the best time to visit Chitwan National Park?

Chitwan National Park is open throughout the year and can be visited at any time of the year. But the travelers consider the Spring and Autumn seasons to be the best time of the year to visit Chitwan National Park. Let’s see why it is so.


The summer season occurs from June to August. During this time of the year, the temperature spikes to over 40 degrees Celsius, making it difficult for travelers to even stand in the Terai region. Terai region, being the hottest region in Nepal, it is near to impossible to enjoy a tour of Chitwan National Park under a scorching sun.

The dryness of the river does not excite you for canoeing in Summer. Wild animals do not easily come out in the scorching sun. So the summer season is not considered the best time to visit Chitwan National Park.


The winter occurs from December to February. During this time of the year, the temperature drops down drastically, making the weather too chilly. The weather is foggy the entire time, so the surrounding is not clearly visible. It is difficult to behold the beauty of Chitwan National Park during the winter season. You will have to carry a bunch of extra warm clothes to avoid cold.


Monsoon is not much of an appreciated time of the year for Chitwan National Park due to the rainfall. Monsoon occurs from September to November. During this time of the year, heavy rain is anticipated. It can be quite risky to enter the Sauraha jungle during rainfall.

Hovering around the jungle during rain is also not fun as the soil becomes muddy and slippery. There is a high possibility of a leech attack. You would have to carry a raincoat and umbrella all the time. You would be required to carry gears suitable during rainfall.


Spring is the best time of the year to visit Chitwan National Park. Spring season occurs from March to May. During this time of the year, the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. The weather is clear, and the forest is green and dense. It is the time when the wild animals can be seen hovering around the forest.
You also get to see distinct flora and fauna and the beauty of the river to add up. Travelers choose this time of the year to visit Chitwan National Park, so the crowd slightly increases during spring than during other seasons. You do not have to carry any extra warm clothes. The sun will not affect your tour through the jungle.

What is the maximum altitude of the Chitwan National Park tour?

The maximum altitude of the Chitwan National Park tour extends from around 100m in the river valleys to 815 m in the Churia Hills. So this tour is a low altitude tour. There is no risk of altitude sickness

Do I need permits?

It is a protected area, so you are recommended to carry your passport with you. You can purchase the entry ticket at the counter of the Chitwan National Park, but if we are servicing you, then our travel agency will take care of it for you.
DIfferent National Park in Nepal charges different entry fees. The entry fee for Chitwan National Park is as follows:

● Entry fee for Nepali per head per day – NRs. 150

● Entry fee for SAARC nationals per head per day – NRs. 1000

● Entry fee for Foreigners per head per day – NRs. 2000

● Free entry for children under 10 years

Is Chitwan National Park suitable for solo travelers?

Yes, Chitwan National Park is suitable for solo travelers, but the solo traveler has to bear the cost of the whole package, unlike in groups. The cost can be divided into group members, while the solo traveler is liable for the cost of the whole package. The travel agency will look after the transportation, food, accommodation, ticket arrangement so the solo traveler can have a hassle-free trip to Chitwan National Park.

What are the main attractions of the Chitwan National Park tour with safari 2N/3D package?

Following are some major attractions of Chitwan National Park tour with Safari 2N/3D package:

Walking tour

Behold the natural habitat of wild animals while you walk through it. Walking tour in Chitwan National Park is exciting as well as adventurous. You can expect a half-day tour and a full day tour for the walking tour. Walking tours are exciting as you get a lot of time for wild photography, but it is quite impossible to cover the entire jungle on foot.
Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari can take you deep into the core of the jungle and search for a glimpse of wild animals as much as you want. It is more time saving than walking tour, but jeep ride is possible only through the track made for jeeps to roll on. On a walking tour, you can walk wherever you want, unlike on a jeep. It is safe on a jeep safari to explore the jungle.

Elephant Safari

Elephant safari is an exciting and most-preferred safari by visitors. You can enjoy an elephant back ride and explore the jungle. The elephant lasts for 1 to 1 and a half hours. You get to observe the wild animals from a certain height, so the visual of the jungle gets broad from the back of the elephant. The elephant ride is quite unlike a jeep safari so, you won’t be disturbing the wild animals, but the jeep safari gives you a closer view of the wild animals.

River Boating

Level up your adventure and experience exotic boating in the Rapti river filled with crocodiles and gharials. You will eventually encounter various birds and wild animals, either sunbathing or drinking water in the river. It is a half an hour ride along the Rapti river with scenic views of the jungle and landscape.

Elephant bathing

Enjoy bathing with fun-loving elephants in Chitwan National Park. Go into the Rapti river on the back of the elephant and have a water shower with it. The elephant will shower you water from its trunk.

Bird Watching

Bird watching in Chitwan National Park will be a thrilling experience as the jungle inhabits around 300+ species of birds. Some exotic species of birds such as Black-winged kite, Grey Wagtail, Asian Pied Starling, White Throated Kingfisher, Little Egret, Spotted Bush Warblers, Indian Peafowl, Cotton Pygmy Goose, Common Greenshank, Darter, Honey Buzzard, Yellow-bellied Prinia, Hoopoe, Alexandrine parakeet, Asian Openbill, Cattle Egret, and Grey Backed Shrike are found in the jungle.

Elephant Breeding Center

Visit the Elephant breeding center inside the Chitwan National Park and learn more about the Elephants. They are the sweetest mammals you’ll ever come across in your life. Play with baby elephants and also have a chance to feed them. Some people take care of those elephants. They will tell you amazing facts and interesting stories about elephants.

Tharu cultural program

It is an exclusive opportunity to explore the Tharu culture while you’re in Chitwan. You can see Tharu cultural dance. Observe the unique attire of the Tharu community and also taste their local variety of dishes.

What is the cost of Elephant riding in Chitwan National Park?

You need to pay a certain fee for Elephant riding at Chitwan National Park. The cost of an Elephant ride is 35 USD per person.

How difficult is the Chitwan National Park tour?

The Chitwan National Park tour with Safari is not difficult as it does not require long hours of walking. You can simply have a jeep or elephant ride to explore the jungle. You do not need to have great physical strength. Anyone, ranging from children to elderly people, can go for Chitwan National Park tour.

How many days are required for the Chitwan National Park tour?

Chitwan National Park tour with safari is a 3 days tour. It is a short trip that is suitable for spending short vacations with family and friends. It is an easy trip to explore the wilderness of Sauraha within 3 days and 2 nights.

Do I need to hire a guide?

Chitwan National Park is a massive forest area enriched with numerous wild animals. You have to be careful inside the jungle. So, you are highly recommended to hire a guide.

The guides there are experienced and know every inch of the forest. They will guide you throughout the jungle and will entertain you with amazing tales and facts. They will help you if any problem occurs.

Is Chitwan National Park safe?

Yes, Chitwan National Park is safe. To ensure your safety, the experienced guide from Chitwan National Park will accompany you all time. Follow their instructions and stay on track. Do not tease wild animals or disturb them in their habitat. Otherwise, do not be surprised if they come to attack you.

How to book the Chitwan National Park tour?

Booking the Chitwan National Park tour is easy with Zeal Nepal. Contact us any hour of the day and book your trip. We also entertain last-minute booking, but they are slightly costly.

Chitwan National Park Tour with Safari 2N/ 3D package is an adventurous and pocket-friendly tour package to spend a quality holiday while exploring wildlife. Our highly-motivated team of experts here addresses your queries. Remember us for a hassle-free booking experience. We also provide itinerary customizing service to our customers.

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Chitwan National Park Tour with Safari 2N/ 3D
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