With several travel agencies mushrooming in Nepal, there is a high possibility of trekkers getting confused about which travel and tour operator in Nepal to trust? All the travel agencies in Nepal are not necessarily trustworthy and resilient. But, we claim to be one of the best travel agencies in Nepal. So, what makes us different and stand out from the crowd?

Zeal Nepal trek is a Nepal-based travel agency founded to provide excellent service to trekkers seeking to have an unforgettable world-class experience while in Nepal. Zeal Nepal trek is a registered company that aims to become Nepal’s best trekking agency by organizing the holidays systematically and cost-effectively.

We are a well-known name in the trekking industry with an outstanding team spirit. Our team believes in planning and preparation before leaping. We are familiar with the status of Nepalese trekking industry. We thoroughly analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of our trekking industry. Thus, we are focused on enhancing the strength aspects and take weak aspects as a challenge to overcome.

Excellent service

Zeal Nepal trek caters various facilities before starting of the trip till it ends. We provide you all the necessary information and solve your queries.

You can simply contact us to learn in-depth about permits, trekking gears, guides, accommodation, meals, trekking routes, and many more.

We know our clients deserve full attention. We offer you the best service that cultivates a positive mindset and motivation to accomplish the journey.

We provide you a well-organized itinerary that favors your feasibility. We will take you closer to the majestic mountains without unnecessary hassle. The journey will be worth your time and money.

Promote the Nepalese tourism industry

We see a massive scope in the Nepalese tourism industry. Nepal is known as the land of high peaks in the world but Nepal is more than that. Nepal is yet to be known for its mystic natural beauty.

Nepal holds a caliber to be one of the best places for trekking in the world and we are devoted to promoting the hidden scenic beauty of the various landscapes.

Nepal is a country with diverse cultures. People of different ethnic groups are dispersed in various places. Different ethnic groups have their own indigenous cultures and unique traditions.

We promote our rich cultural identity and centuries-old religious heritages. We feel the need to promote the unexplored hidden gem of Nepal to reach out to the avid trekkers all around the world.

Safe and secure holidays

Once you associate with us, you are our responsibility. Your safety is our highest concern. You expect your holidays to be safe, comfortable and memorable.

Our service will exceed your expectations. Your safe and secure holidays are our utmost priority and our experts will make sure you have a great time during your visit to Nepal.

We have the support of excellent guides to enrich your travel to different regions of Nepal. Their in-depth knowledge of tackling problems, finding solutions, avoiding risks, and reducing complications will boost safe and secure holidays of yours.

Local Experts, Middle-man Free Pricing

We are a local travel and tour agency. We are also a middle-man free agency. You can easily book your trip by directly communicating with us. You are sure to get the best possible price under your budget here in Zeal Nepal Trek.

Value of your money

Your investment in your holidays will worth every penny if you associate with us. We have designed our tour packages that cover almost every aspect of the trip in a cost-effective way.

We don’t want to go heavy on your pockets. We value your earnings, that’s why we keep the package price reasonable and affordable by anyone.

Reduced hassle

We believe in providing hassle-free holiday experience to our clients so we make all the needed arrangements easy. You can book the package of your interest from your whereabouts by paying only 20% initially. You can pay the rest after you reach Kathmandu.

We are open to customizable itineraries. If you want changes in our standard itineraries then, your suggestions are always welcome.

We can modify itineraries according to your comfort. Please connect with us. We will happily address your queries and dilemmas quickly.

We hope our resilience and attractive schemes will give you an image of how promising your journey will be with us. 

Team of professionals

Our team members are highly experienced. They’ve been involved in this travel and tour industry for several years. They highly care about our client’s needs. They are at your service for 24 hours a day.

Our responsive team carefully listens to the client’s wishes and doubts. Our professional guides know how to make your journey extraordinary.

They will lead you, entertain you, and flourish you with immense knowledge about various places.

It is important to have cultural sensitivity so the guide will also tell you the do’s and don’ts in the culture of various ethnic groups.

We have highly experienced drivers. They will transport you conveniently from one place to another with the utmost comfort. They will fetch you from the airport as well as drop you to the airport.

Effective communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Our friendly team believes in maintaining coherence with the clients. So, our alliance will continue for a long time.

Special treatment for our clients

In Nepal, guests are considered equivalent to god. We treat our visitors with special care and warmth. We strive to make our client’s stay in Nepal top-notch without compromising comfort and choices.

Enjoy your stay at the best hotels and guesthouses while in Nepal. You will be amazed by our pampering facilities.

Attractive discounts

We have attractive discounts for our valuable clients. We have various discount offers for trekkers who come in a group of 10 or more people. Solo trekkers can learn about attractive schemes that we offer by simply connecting with us.

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