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Bardia National Park Nepal is one of the largest, and most excellent territories in the Terai region that inhabits some distinct and rare wildlife and vegetation. There are altogether 14 national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal, out of which, Bardia National Park is among those national parks that offer an exclusive experience of the wilderness of Nepal with a closer glimpse.

Covering an enormous land of about 968 sq. km area, Bardia National Park lies in the Bardiya district. The national park borders the Karnali river on the eastern side, and the southern part touches the Nepalgunj-Surkhet highway. With 14 national parks and wildlife reserves in Nepal, Bardia National Park is the top national park in Nepal that rigorously protects tigers.

Hence, the territory is also called ‘Land of Tiger’. About 70% of Bardia national park is covered with forest. The forest is a habitat for around 642 faunal species. The small lakes of the Karnali-Babai river system is a habitat for around 125 species of fish, gharials, crocodiles, 23 reptiles, and amphibian species. The Bardia National Park shelters at least 53 mammals including 22 Royal Bengal tigers, 100 one-horned rhinoceros, swamp deer, wild elephant, and Gangetic dolphin.

The forest of Bardia national park has a wide range of vegetation and habituates a massive 407 bird species includes the Bengal florican, lesser florican, white-rumped vulture, sarus crane, peafowl, pale-footed bush warbler, Grey-crowned Prinia, aberrant bush warbler, bar-headed geese, golden-headed cisticola, jungle Prinia, chestnut-capped babbler, striated grassbird, and many more.

Bardia jungle safari

Bardia jungle safari is the best way to explore the wildlife activities inside the Bardia national park. Capture a glimpse of wilderness at its best as you penetrate the dense forest. Bardia jungle safari also promotes ecotourism.

You can enjoy the Bardia jungle safari in various ways. We will be walking through trails paved inside the forest and explore different corners of the jungle on foot. Bird touring for bird-watching activity. Jeep safari, on the other day, to go deep inside the jungle, and adventure-filled river trip on crocodile-infested waters.

The national park is quite large to be fully covered during the safari. To make sure you get to see the wild animals in the national park during the safari, you should hire a guide, which is, by the way, mandatory. The experience and instinct of your guide will help you encounter the wild animals strolling around.

The guides are fully familiar with the activities of wild animals. We have to set two days for the Bardia jungle safari. Catching a glimpse of a royal Bengal tiger can be a difficult task as you have to search for the tiger deep inside the forest. Observing birds and animals can take more time than expected.

Some Extra Tips:

  • Do not wear bright color clothes. Wear dim color clothes such as grey, green, brown, or black so as not to distract animals.
  • Maintain silence as much as possible during the safari. Speak with a low voice to not disturb the animals.
  • Do not remove or harm flora and fauna.
  • Do not kill insects in the jungle.
  • Do not throw rubbish inside the jungle.
  • Be culturally sensitive to religious sites.


Bardia National Park 3N/ 4D package is highly recommended for nature dwellers who love to get close to nature and explore wildlife. Visit Bardia National Park for wildlife photography. Spend your short vacation on an adventurous journey to the depth of wilderness of Bardia National Park. Experience our top-class service. Our excellent team of Zeal Nepal is ready to respond to your queries. Contact us for a customizable itinerary.

Bardia National Park 3N/ 4D is a 3 Nights 4 Days package that takes us to the wilderness of Bardia jungle. It is a short and easy trip that is suitable for families and groups of friends to enjoy short vacations and trips

What is Bardia National Park popular for?

Bardia National Park is a conservation area embellished with more than 600 species of wildlife, which you can observe with a closer glimpse. This national park shelters 22 Royal Bengal tigers, 100 one-horned rhinos, 250+ bird species, reptiles, and many more. People from all around the world visit Bardia National Park to experience Bardia jungle safari and capture the unmatchable beauty of wildlife in their camera lens.

Bardia National Park is popular for Wildlife photography. Wildlife photographers frequently visit the national park, and they wait with perseverance to capture the royal Bengal tiger in their camera.

How to reach Bardia National Park?

You can either take a road trip or flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. To save time, taking a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj is recommended.

Around 50 mins of scenic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj airport is the shortest and time-saving way of reaching Bardia National Park. You will get an insight into Bardia national park from the air. Observe some of the stunning landscape views of Nepalgunj. After reaching Nepalgunj airport, take a 2 hours drive to Bardia National Park, which is 31.3 km far from the airport.

If you want a cheaper trip from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, take a drive for about 13 hours from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj.

How far is Bardia National Park?

Bardia National Park is 376km west of Kathmandu. Bardia is nearly 15 hours far from Kathmandu on a road trip otherwise 3 hours far on an air flight from Kathmandu

Is Bardia jungle safari dangerous?

Embarking deep into the wild forest can be dangerous if you don’t apply proper precautions. Carelessness can risk your life. Yes, the Bardia jungle safari is dangerous if you do not follow the guidelines while entering the jungle. Listen to your guide.

The guide will tell you what you should do and not do during the safari. If you follow the instructions of the guide then, no. Bardia jungle safari is not dangerous.

What is the maximum altitude of the Bardia National Park trip?

Bardia national park is located in the plain terrain of the Terai region. We will cover a maximum altitude of 415m/ 1362 ft, which is a low-altitude for travelers to easily attain. So, there is less to no chance of altitude sickness

Does a trip to Bardia National Park require a permit?

Following is the fee structure of tickets to enter the Bardia National Park:

● The entry fee per day per head is NRs. 100 for Nepali citizen

● The entry fee per day per head is NRs. 1500 for Foreigners

● The entry fee per day per head is NRs. 750 for SAARC Nationals

● For Children below 10 years, entry is free.

For the protection of the national park and wildlife, several checkpoints have been set by Nepal Army. Bardia National Park entry permits can be acquired from the Nepal Tourism Board or attain directly from the park entrance gate at Bardia National Park.

One entry permit is for a single entry and is non-refundable and non-transferable. Show the permit card to the park personnel whenever they ask for it.

A special permit is required for documentary/filming from the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC), and the charges are as follows:

● Documentary/filming fee for Foreigner – USD1500

● Documentary/filming fee for SAARC Nationals – Rs.50,000

● Documentary/filming fee for Nepali – Rs.10000

● Additional 25% for drone filming

How difficult is Bardia jungle safari?

Bardia jungle safari on the jeep is not difficult while walking tours can be difficult. It can be exhausting to walk for long hours. It is too hot in summer and very cold in winter, so the weather also has an impact on our walking difficulties.

Photography is also tough during the safari. You are not getting to see wild animals as soon as you enter the national park. You have to search for them, and they can be visible for only a few seconds. You have to work hard to capture an exclusive picture of the wild animals inside Bardia National Park. It adds an exceptional adventure to our tour.

Can I customize the itinerary of Bardia jungle safari?

Zeal Nepal is open for customization of the itinerary. You can tell us about your preferences. Contact our travel agency to resolve your queries

Is it suitable for solo travelers?

Yes, solo travelers can also visit Bardia National Park. An experienced guide will accompany the solo traveler throughout the safari. But the cost for solo travelers gets a bit more expensive than for group travelers

How can I book a Bardia national park trip?

To book Bardia National park trip, simply contact Zeal Nepal Trek. We will book your trip and also look after your flight tickets. Last-minute booking is also available though it will be slightly expensive. Contact us for more detailed information

How long does it take to complete the Bardia National Park trip?

There are various packages to visit the Bardia National Park trip, among which, Bardia National Park 3N/ 4D package is one of them. The package is pocket-friendly and can be completed within a week.

What should I carry during the Bardia National Park trip?

There are few essentials that you should carry with yourself while boarding for the Bardia jungle safari. Some of them are as follows:

● Carry Water bottles to keep yourself hydrated.

● Wear long trousers to avoid insect attacks on your leg in the jungle. Wear a cap, jacket, sunblock cream, shades.

● Always carry a permit and passport with you.

● Carry few Nepali currencies for emergency use.

Is there electricity and an ATM available?

Electricity is available at hotels near Bardia National Park, but ATMs might not be available. So, it is better to use ATMs if you have to, in Kathmandu or Pokhara.

Do I need to hire a guide?

Yes, it is mandatory to hire a guide. Without a guide, you are not allowed to enter Bardia National Park. It is mainly due to safety reasons. You might get lost inside the forest and encounter wild animals. If you are guardless, wild animals can attack you.

So to reduce the risk of losing track and wild animal attacks, you must have a company of a guide. Guides at Bardia National Park are highly experienced and know incredible things about the forest, which they will share with you during the safari.

Do I need to be physically fit?

No, not necessarily. For a walking tour, you should be fit enough to walk for long hours. If you cannot walk, Jeep safari is available. You can have a tour of the national park in a jeep.

Which is the best time to visit Bardia National Park?

The best time to visit Bardia National Park is from September to May. During Spring (March-April-May), the weather is clear. Wild animals come to the river to drink water, so you will have better chances to spot them.

During Summer (June-July-August), the weather is too hot. It will become difficult to walk under the sun. But again, spotting wild animals by the river is high. During Winter (December-January-February), the temperature drops drastically. Due to foggy weather, you won’t be able to see clearly, so spotting animals will be difficult. It will be tough to spot tigers during winter. If not a tiger, you may probably see tiger feet patches in the mud. The weather will not be favorable for photography.

During Autumn (September-October-November), the weather is dewy and fresh. Boating will be exciting. Birds and animals will get out of their habitat, so it will be easy to spot them.

What about food and accommodation?

We are a local travel operator with broad networks in the Terai region. Food and accommodation prices and arrangements are included in the package. See the cost included sections for information.

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Bardia National Park Tour 3N/ 4D
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