Mohare Danda Trek -11 Days

Mohare Danda Trek, also known as Eco-Community Lodge Trek, provides the perfect playground for those willing to experience the natural, cultural riches while seeking adventure and peace at the same time. It is an easy off-beaten-path trek that follows the trails sculpted through isolated villages and untouched terrain.Walk away from the crowds to the forgotten trail housing diverse natural and cultural landscape.

Some sections of the trek are challenging but it will make up to you by providing the matchless vistas. Take in the vistas of sparkling mountains including Annapurna range and Dhaulagiri.

Walk across the soft meadows, rugged trail and lush hills, accompanied by the cascading waterfalls and chase the streams flowing down from the sparkling Alps. Beautiful mountain huts add to the beauty. Discover the exotic flora and fauna while wandering into the deep forests. If the stars are on your sides, you may spot some wild animals like hog deer, wild ox, wild boar, spotted deer, etc. Charming and quaint, villages housing ethnic groups following ancient traditions and customs will give us the feeling that we are in another era.

Enjoy the blissful nights in the traditional tea houses that line the trail of this lovely trek. You will be surprised by the array of breakfast options you will find even in this corner of the Annapurna region. Not so fancy yet clean tea houses offer the basic service at a reasonable price. Cozy room offering views of lush hills and gleaming Alps make up for everything else. Learn the local culture and get a close look at the mountain lifestyle during the time you spend in tea-houses or home-stay.

Spring and falls are the ideal seasons to embark into the Mohare Danda Trek. Featuring the magical landscape, Annapurna region blooms in spring. With green meadows, snaky streams, blooming flowers, aromatic smells, blue skies and chirping birds, the ambiance is no less than a fairy-tale whereas fall offers clear mountain views and sometimes a mild snowfall. Witness the changing yet vibrant colors in the surrounding.

The trek starts on the fourth day of the trip from a small town Beni. From here, we will mostly ascend through the colorful forest, small villages, and lush hills until we reach Mohare Danda.

Mohare Danda is a hilltop offering amazing vistas of sky-piercing mountains. From here onward we will follow a downhill trail passing through several ethnic villages. Spending nights in these villages will give us knowledge about local life and ancient culture.

Mohara Danda Trek, a newly introduced trekking route is proof that there is still a lot to be discovered in the Annapurna region. Delve into the finest sceneries this corner of the Annapurna region has to offer. It is a short trek yet impressive in its own right.

Mohare Danda Trek Highlights:

  •  Observe the unmatched landscape of Mohare Dada
  • Fascinating modern facility and traditional ambiance
  •  Enjoy the local hospitality in community lodge or homestay
  •  Explore the paper industry and handloom
  • Enjoy the organic food; every village has an organic farm
  • An easy and short trek packed with ample cultural and natural wonders
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu city

<p>Towering Alps surrounding the Kathmandu Valley will give you a glimpse at what memories you will be making during this trip. At the terminal of the Tribhuvan International Airport, you will see our representative holding a placard with your name in it. A private vehicle will transfer you to your hotel. During this 15-20 minutes drive, you will get a glimpse of Kathmandu city.</p><p>You will be amazed by the way this ancient city has molded itself into modernity while keeping its identity intact. Upon reaching the hotel, you can take time to refresh then visit our office for a short briefing. In this meeting, you will be introduced to your guide and we will give you the details regarding the sightseeing and trek. Spend the evening roaming around the colorful market, Thamel and have a fulfilling local dinner before heading back to the hotel.</p>

<p>A perfect blend of ancient Buddhist, Newari and Hindu culture, tradition and architecture, Kathmandu is a popular hub for cultural tourism. The narrow streets, mysterious alleys, finely sculpted temples, and ancient chowks show how passionately the city has preserved its culture.</p><p>The beautiful city is adorned with metal crafts, woodcarving, architectures, and arts showcasing the craftsmanship of Newari people. The inexplicably diverse and historic city has gracefully embraced the modernity without losing its essence. There is a lot to explore, but we don;t have enough time to navigate the entire city. Thus, we will explore the citys key landmarks: Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath and Bouddhanath.</p><p>Kathmandu Durbar Square: The magnificence and uniqueness of this timeless palace show the architectural finesse of ancient Nepal. The complex that came into existence in the 3rd era has been expanded and renovated multiple times to date. The finely designed complex houses multiple temples, statues, courtyards, museums, palaces, and houses. Most of the temples in this area are constructed in pagoda style and adorned with extensively carved exteriors. Kumari Ghar, the adobe of the living goddess is one of the major attractions of this area.</p><p> Other structures like Taleju Temple, Jagannath Temple, Kal Bhairav, Big Drums, Krishna Octangular Temple, Saraswoti temple, Bhagwati Temple, Shiva Parvati Temple, Mahadev Temple, Basantapur Durbar, Sundari Chok, Mul Chok, Nasal Choke holds a great significance. Several cultural activities and festivals are conducted here. After marveling at one of the finest historic sites, we will head to Swyambhunath.</p><p>Swayambhunath: The complex consists of huge stupa imposing several temples, shrines, and statues displaying the ancient architecture. Every corner of this complex showcase the artistic beauty and architectural perfection. The most interesting structures we will see here are western stupa, military museum, Buddha Amideva park, great thunderbolt, national museum, Swayambhu Buddhist museum, Hariti Temple, Swayambhunath stupa, Natural History Museum, Shakyamuni Buddha, Shantipur, Pratappur Temple, etc.</p><p> It is a sacred pilgrimage site for Newari Buddhists, Vajrayana Buddhists, and Hindus and replete with devotes during Buddha Purnima. There are two ways to approach the top; either climb a staircase with 365 steps or take a taxi which is followed by a short walk. If you choose to take a staircase, you will get the opportunity to explore small stupas, watch monkeys playing and learn some bargain skills while buying souvenirs with local vendors on the stair.</p><p>Pashupatinath: The finest example of Kathmandu;s architecture, the Pashupatinath was built in the fifth century by Licchavi king. With ancient temples and shrines, it epitomizes the religious and cultural beliefs of Nepali people. The major attraction of the Pashupatinath is the temple of Lord Shiva sitting gloriously on the bank of holy river Bagmati.</p><p> The beautifully designed Pagoda style temple is further enhanced with the four finely carved silver doors. The plaza is formed with 492 temples, inscriptions, small parks, statues and ashrams spread on 0.65 hectors. Some of the major temples and shrines include Virat Swaroop temple, Guhyeshwari temple, Ram mandir, 12 jyotirlingas, and Pandra Shivalaya, Hanuman shrine, 184 Sivalinga shrine, Unmatta Bhairava temple, Surya Narayana Temple, Vasuki Nath Temple, etc. We will stroll around the complex, click pictures and learn about Hindu culture before heading to Bouddhanath.</p><p>Bouddhanath: Magnificent Buddhist monument, Bouddhanath is located on the northern side of Kathmandu. One of the most fascinating artistic treasures in Kathmandu, the plaza welcomes hundreds of tourists every day. The major attraction: sky-piercing stupa is surrounded by multiple local vendors offering a range of products from Thankas to souvenirs, pashmina, clothes, Buddha statue and Pooja materials for Buddhists. Several fine restaurants and cafes around the complex serve diverse cuisines from local meals to international food. Enjoy the peaceful vibes, smell of incenses and soft Buddhist prayer music while savoring the lunch in one of the finest restaurants providing local meals.</p>

<p>It is going to be a long day so we will start early. Have breakfast at around five o'clock, pack your belonging and hop into the private vehicle. 7 to 8 hours of drive on a scenic road will take us to Pokhara. The road sculpted through high hills alongside the raging rivers, small hamlets, snaky streams, and farmland makes for an amazing view. </p><p>We will take several short breaks to take in beautiful sceneries. The route is dotted with a large range of hotels. We will have lunch in one of the hotels alongside the road. If we manage to reach Pokhara before the dusk, we will take a short Pokhara tour and spend our evening exploring the lakeside.</p>

<p>Wake up early in the morning, savor the delicious breakfast then get ready to head to Beni. It is a 4 to 5 hours drive to Beni. The trekking route meander alongside the small settlement, farming land and towering mountain on the backdrop. After crossing Baglung, we will be driving on the off-road for another few hours. </p><p> Beni is the last town accessible by the four-wheeler. After spending some time enjoying the view of this tiny town located on the side of the river, we will walk to Galeshwor. It will take us around one hour to reach Galeshwor and three hours of walk from here will take us to Bans Kharka. We will cross the first suspension bridge of this trek then walk past the deep forest to reach Bans Kharka.</p>

<p>After a delicious local breakfast, we will begin our trek to Nagi village ,dominated by Magar people. The route to Nagi is dotted with ancient villages, sparsely populated rhododendron forest and farmlands. If the weather is good, we will get a glimpse of Dhaulagiri. Upon reaching Nagi,</p><p>we will explore this heavenly village. The way this village has kept the ancient culture, tradition, and custom alive despite being so near to the fully modernized cities will leave you amazed. We will check out the Nepali paper-making process and organic farm school. The bewitching sunset over the Dhaulagiri ranges and Annapurna south gives a perfect wrap to this wonderful day.</p>

<p>Start the morning with heartwarming vistas of sun painting the mountains golden. Enjoy the view while sipping the tea. Continue the hike to Mohara Danda, the highlight of this trek after a delicious breakfast.</p><p>Today's trail passes through colorful forest housing bamboo, rhododendron, and oak trees. The 6 to 7 hours of a strenuous trek to the ridge of Mohara Danda is made bearable by the vistas of gigantic mountains including Fishtail, Tukche, Dhaulagiri and South Annapurna. </p><p>We will barely find any teahouses on the way, so our team will prepare lunch on the way or we can have lunch in the lodge in Mohare Danda. From the top of the hill, we will catch jaw dropping views of the glowing Alps. </p><p>The view of sun slipping behind the glowing mountains painting it peachy is breathtaking. Overnight at the community lodge at an elevation of 3,300 meters. It is a thrilling experience.</p>

<p>Wake up before the sun to soak into the vistas of the sun rising behind the mountains. Have breakfast while enjoying the sceneries then begin the hike to Danda Kharka. It is the easiest and shortest walk of this trek.</p><p> Walk around two hours to reach our next camp; sitting in the middle of the colorful Rhododendron forest. Spending a peaceful time in the middle of a colorful forest will refresh us. Enjoy a delicious dinner at a community lodge before calling it a day.</p>

<p>Wake up to the chirping birds, sweet fragrance and softly flowing mountain air. After savoring into the delicious breakfast in the middle of a colorful forest, we will head to our next destination, Tikot Village. </p><p>The village dominated by Magar ethnic is rich in culture, making it the perfect place for the cultural experience. It is barely 6 to 7 hours of a hike so we will have enough time to interact with locals and observe their lifestyle closely. After spending quality time with the local people, we will have our dinner.</p>

<p>The trail from here is mostly downhill. Tread on the beautiful meadows, forest, and small hamlets for around four hours to reach Baseri. We will catch our private vehicle or ride a public bus for around four hours to reach Pokhara. Spend a comfortable night in a cozy hotel.</p>

<p>After a delicious breakfast, we will pack our belongings and hop into the private car or Tourist coach. If you wish to explore Pokhara a bit, we may do so as well. We will drive through multiple small villages, sparsely populated forests and rivers for around 8 hours. Though it is a long drive, the beautiful sceneries will keep us entertained throughout the journey. </p><p>We will have our lunch in a hotel alongside the highway. Upon reaching Kathmandu, we will drop you in your hotel. You may spend the rest of the time as you wish. Spend a blissful night in a cozy hotel room.</p>

<p>It is the last day of your trip. After early morning breakfast, you may go for the last minute souvenir shopping in the nearby market. Our representative will escort you to the international airport three hours before your flight and help you with check-in formalities. Have a safe journey.</p><p>We are the official and experienced tour operators for holidays in Nepal. We provide the finest transportation and accommodation facilities to make your vacation hassle-free and enjoyable. With our experienced guides and porters, you will enjoy every second of your holiday to the fullest. So feel free to connect with us.</p>

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Mohare Danda Trek -11 Days
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