Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty

A picture of manaslu circuit trek difficulty for the people going to explore the trek.

Manaslu Circuit Camp (MCC) trek is slowly becoming a popular remote area trek among adventure lovers. From Manaslu circuit trek difficulty to success, it deserves to be one of the best treks in Nepal because of it’s interesting trekking trails, wonderful natural beauty and the challenges that test your capacity.

Manaslu Circuit Camp is an amazing trek located in the midst of the Gorkha district, which takes you to the lap of Mount Manaslu. Enjoy a mesmerizing view of the World’s one of the highest peaks, Mount Manaslu that measures a height of 8,163m.

Beauty Of Manaslu Circuit Trek Camp

Manaslu Circuit Camp is regarded as one of the difficult trekking in Nepal. The number of trekkers that pick Manaslu Circuit Camp trek is very few every year. The reason behind trekkers not selecting MCC trek is considered to be the difficulty to complete this trek.

So what makes Manaslu Circuit trek difficulty a topic of discussion? Why is it hard to complete Manaslu Circuit Camp trek? We have compiled some reasons that hopefully answers the above questions and solve your queries. Let us dive into the reasons.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Map

A map of manaslu circuit trek with the map of whole Nepal.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty Breakdown

1) Trekking duration Difficulty

Manaslu Circuit Camp is a long trek that requires a sufficient number of days to complete this trek. Unlike Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp trek, it is not suitable for spending short vacations and holidays.

The Manaslu circuit camp trek generally demands around 16 to 22 days to accomplish. The trekking duration will not be less than 16 days but may exceed 22 days. Due to the requirement of a bunch of days to complete this trek, trekkers have to face a number of difficulties.

The total distance to be covered in the Manaslu circuit camp trek is around 177 km. The trekking routes are off-beaten so we will cover long distances by trekking only a small portion of trekking routes each day. We will walk around 5-6 hours a day.

While considering our health, we will acclimatize time and again in between the trek. The trekker takes a longer time to acclimatize then the trekking duration will increase. If you personalize the itinerary and choose to make a side trip to Tsum valley during the trek, then it will also increase trekking duration.
People seem to be unable to take out a long time from their busy schedule for MCC trekking.

Trekkers need to carry all the essentials and clothes at a bigger amount that is sufficient for not less than 22 days. Since it is a remote area trek, as the altitude increases, trekkers won’t be able to contact their family for a long time duration due to the absence of a network at high altitudes.

A picture of trekking duration difficulty during manaslu circuit trek difficulty in Nepal.

2. Physical Strength Difficulty

Completing a remote area trek with an off-beaten trekking route is difficult to complete without a high level of physical fitness. Manaslu Circuit Camp trek difficulty is to complete because trekkers require perseverance and strength of another level.

Trekkers are required to walk elevated rough paths for 5 to 6 hours a day for nearly 22 days. We need to reach a maximum altitude of 5,140m in Manaslu Circuit Camp. It is an altitude where there is a high risk of altitude sickness. Trekkers should have a high level of capacity to walk and reach the destination at the designated times.

Our last destination of Manaslu Circuit Camp trek is Larkya Pass which is at an altitude of 5,140m. Trekking through dramatic Larkya Pass is adventurous and challenging. It requires high physical strength and determination to cross Larkya Pass. The strong wind blowing continuously will try to slow your pace so it is difficult to cross Larkya Pass without strong physical strength.

Strong physical strength is not enough to complete Manaslu Circuit Camp trek. It also demands mental fitness. Trekkers should be mentally fit and prepared if they wish to embark on this difficult trek. Trekking into an isolated region is unpredictable. Trekkers should be ready for any situation. If the trekker is not mentally prepared then it will not be possible to tackle problems and situations during the trek.

A picture of physical strength difficulty for manaslu circuit trek difficulty in Nepal.

3. Difficult in Altitude

The high altitude of Manaslu is also the reason for Manaslu Circuit trek difficulty in completing the trek. The maximum elevation to tackle in the MCC trek is 5,140m. It is achievable by conquering the Larkya Pass, which is the hardest part during the whole trek.

Crossing Larkya Pass, located at a high altitude of 5,140m is a difficult task because of its difficult geographical formation. An upward walk accompanied by a cool breeze is strenuous. The continuously blowing cool breeze amplifies with the increasing altitude.

Trekkers usually start feeling nausea after crossing 3,500m altitude. So it is evident to feel altitude sickness at the height of 5,140m. Acclimatization plays a vital role in attaining an altitude of 5,140m. Trekkers with a breathing problem should not go for Manaslu Circuit Camp trek.

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4. Weather and Temperature Difficulty

Weather and temperature can cause some serious unpredictable during Manaslu Circuit trek difficulty. We have to prepare yourself according to the weather condition of Manaslu Circuit Camp.

A picture of weather and temperature difficulty for manaslu circuit trek difficulty in Nepal.

Winter Season

The months from December to February marks the winter season. The winter season can not be expected to be suitable for the Manaslu circuit trek. During winter, the Manaslu circuit camp trek route becomes frozen with ice, making it Manaslu circuit trek difficulty to walk. There is a high risk of slipping on such a path.

There is a high possibility of heavy snowfall during winter. Due to high snowfall, the view of Manaslu covered with a snow blanket is stunning but the trekking trails might get blocked. During road blockade, the only option for trekkers will be to stop the trek right there and wait for the snowfall to stop.

Continuing trek during heavy snowfall can be dangerous. There’s a high risk of an avalanche. Unfortunate accidents can occur.

During winter, trekkers might face breathing problems due to extremely low oxygen. It will be difficult to breathe at a high altitude of 5106m during winter. Altitude sickness can be a problem. So will be major problem for Manaslu circuit trek difficulty.

Spring Season

Regarded as the best season to visit the Manaslu circuit camp trek, the spring season stretches from March to May. The weather is favorable and the view of mountains is clear.

The weather during spring season appears to be neither hot nor cold. The perfect weather enables the trekkers to walk through dense rhododendron forest. The temperature reads around 16 degrees so the warm weather of spring season enables you to go easy with luggage packing.

You can reduce the weight of your luggage by reducing the number of clothes. The trekking trails are steep during unfavorable seasons but the level of difficulty reduces during the spring season.


The months from June to August marks the summer season. The summer season is not considered to be favorable for the Manalsu Circuit Camp trek by avid trekkers. Since the long trekking trails of MCC trek demands long hours of walking, it will be difficult to walk in the dry and sunny day. Walking rough encircling trekking paths is difficult to walk for 6 to7 hours each day under a scorching sun. The difficulty increases with the increase in altitude.

Even during summer, frequent rainfall can occur due to the presence of dense forests. If the trekking routes were dry in the summer, it becomes slippery during rainfall. You have to be prepared for the unpredictable rainfall during the summer season. So, you have to carry gears like raincoats and boots even if you’re trekking in the summer.


Another suitable season to visit the Manaslu circuit camp trek is considered to be Autumn. The months from September to November marks the Autumn season. This is the time in the midst of the Summer and Winter season.

Trekkers find the Autumn season convenient and mesmerizing because the weather is fresh, pleasant and green during Autumn. Mountain viewing in the vicinity is possible due to the clear sky.

The temperature is neither high nor low. So, trekkers can walk for long hours with Manaslu circuit trek difficulty during Autumn.

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5. Trekking gear Difficulty

It is very important to learn about necessary trekking gears to carry before heading for Manaslu Circuit Camp trek. Without these trekking gears, the trekking journey for Manaslu circuit trek difficulty. Trekkers have to obtain some mandatory trekking gears like a down jacket, trekking boots, hat, sunglasses, first aid kit, water bottle, bags, rain jacket, gloves, socks, thermals, regular medicines, etc.

Pack your bags smartly so that you don’t have to miss any gears and the bag also doesn’t weigh too much.

A picture representating the trekking the trekking gear difficulty for several purpose.

6. Guide and Porter Difficulty

Manaslu circuit camp trek is located in an isolated area of the Manaslu region. Since this trek is not a famous one, less crowd can be seen at MCC trek every year. The trekking routes are long and isolated. As the altitude increases, the number of guesthouses and teahouses decreases.

Seeing no one around at such an isolated area affects the confidence of the trekkers. If they are stuck in any kind of risk or situation, no one will be there to help or tackle the situation. So, to deal with such difficulties, trekkers are highly recommended to hire an experienced guide and porter to a high altitude remote area trek.

Manaslu circuit camp resides within the Manaslu conservation area so the trekking trail usually penetrates huge wildlife forests. There is a high risk of encountering wildlife during the trek. Trekkers should not panic during such a situation rather should tackle the situation wisely.

The trekking trails of MCC trek are circular and offbeat. There is a high chance of getting lost. You have to be careful while you walk such unconventional trekking trails otherwise it will take you more time to complete the trek than estimated.

The presence of highly experienced guides and porter brings a notion of relief in trekkers. They will help you in difficult situations by using their knowledge and experience. They will tell you the dos and don’ts during the trek. Solo trekkers are highly recommended to hire a guide and porter while venturing into such dangerous trek. They will always be with you from the start of the trek until it ends.

A picture of guide portal diffiulty for climbing manaslu circuit trek difficulty in Nepal.

7. Food and Accommodation Difficulty

Since it is a high altitude trek, there is a less probability of finding many guesthouses and teahouses at high altitudes. It is a trek in an isolated area so do not expect top-class facilities here.

At low altitudes, you can find hotels in abundance that offer facilities of good quality but at high altitudes, you will hardly find fine hotels. You will have to adjust to what is available. At high altitudes, facilities like telecommunication, warm water, the internet, medical help, etc are rarely available. The service charge is also high at high altitudes.

The food items available is also limited. Dal Bhat is their usual servings that is stamina building for trekkers. Apart from Dal Bhat, there may be fewer options for food. You are recommended to carry energy bars and some snacks for emergency cases. You have to be prepared for a worst-case scenario.

A picture of food and accomendation difficulty for the people of manaslu circuit difficulty in Nepal.

8. Manaslu circuit Camp Budget Difficulty

Manaslu circuit camp is a costly trek compared to ABC and EBC due to various reasons. But you can book Manalsu circuit camp trek at a reasonable price at Zeal Nepal Trek. You can personalize the itinerary of the Manalsu circuit camp trek by consulting with our team.

It can be a difficult task of customizing the package on your won so our experienced guide and experts will help you re-design your package according to your comfort.

The Manaslu Circuit Camp budget can be slightly expensive for solo trekkers compared to group travelers. Group travelers can divide the total price of the package among themselves. Zeal Nepal Trek also provides attractive discounts to group travelers so to learn more about discount offers ,contact us.

We also provide a last-minute booking facility but it can be slightly expensive. Extra charges will be added in case you use flight during an emergency evacuation.

A picture of budget base camp trek diffiulty in Nepal.

9. Difficulty on the basis of trekking experience

The Manaslu circuit camp is a difficult trek. Considering the rough and inconvenient trekking trail of MCC trek, trekkers are required to be experienced. In other words, beginners are not recommended this trek. There is a less of first-timers completing this trek.

So before selecting the Manaslu circuit camp trek, it is better to grab some trekking experience first by venturing short treks. It reduces Manaslu circuit trek difficulty.

10. Permits difficulty

Manaslu Circuit Camp is a part of the Manaslu Conservation Area, which is a restricted area. To enter this prohibited area, trekkers are required to acquire the following permits: ACAP, MCAP, and Special Restricted Area Permit for Manaslu (Manaslu RAP). Without these permits, it will be difficult for trekkers to complete the Manaslu circuit camp trek.

Useful Tips to tackle Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficulty:

  • Carry extra Nepali currencies for personal use.
  • Train your body and mind to achieve proper physical and mental fitness.
  • Hire experienced guide and porter during Manaslu circuit camp trek to tackle unexpected problems.
  • Always carry a trekking route map with you.
  • Obtain an Insurance policy from your home country before heading for Manaslu circuit camp trek.
  • Carry all the essential trekking gears with you.
  • If you are a newbie then you are advised to first garner some trekking experience from short treks and only then try the Manaslu circuit camp trek.


Manaslu Circuit Camp is an enthralling trek that treats your eyes with a spectacular view of heavenly Mount Manaslu. Elevate your trekking experience by trekking through dramatic Larkya Pass (5,140m). Venturing MCC trek without proper preparations will certainly bring you difficulties that will spoil your trekking experience. Manaslu Circuit trek difficulty may sound distressing but once you begin on this adventurous journey, you are sure to garner life’s most amazing experience that one can ever have.

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