Trekking Amidst Rhododendrons: Jomsom-Muktinath Trek in February

Are you looking for a journey with breathtaking views of the Himalayas? Well, look no further than the Jomsom-Muktinath Trek. This trek is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the beauty of the Himalayan region. While trekking through forests, you will reach the highest point of the mountain where you can view the stunning landscapes of Mustang Valley.

The trekking is available throughout the year, however the best time to visit is between February and April when the flowers are in full bloom.

Trekking Route

The trek starts from Jomsom. It will take you to the Kali Gandaki River, where you will go through beautiful villages. You will be taken by the views of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna mountain ranges in the trek.


Winter is considered the best time of the year to trek in Nepal. The temperature is cold and dry which makes the weather stable and relaxing which is perfect for trekking. You can expect clear, blue skies, and excellent visibility of the mountain ranges during February. The forests cover the hillsides surrounded by bright colors and fragrances.


The Jomsom-Muktinath Trek is not only about the beautiful views, but it is also about the cultural experience. The trek goes through the villages that display their rich culture and traditions. These villages are beautiful with narrow alleys, which shows the lifestyle of the Thakali people.

Villages here are also famous for apples and any other apple dishes like apple brandy, and apple pie, which are a must-have. You can also visit the Muktinath temple, a temple designed for both Hindus and Buddhists.


During the trek, you will be staying in tea houses that provide all the accommodation necessary. However, the tea houses do not have central heating, so you need to prepare for cold nights by carrying a good sleeping bag and a warm jacket. The tea houses’ rooms are generally twin-shared, and the toilets are outside the rooms.


The Jomsom-Muktinath Trek requires a person to be fit and well-prepared for all the barriers that a trek brings. Altitude sickness is also a major factor to consider. Therefore, it is important to prepare yourself, both physically and mentally.

Trekking in the winter also means packing warm clothes, layers, waterproof jackets, and hiking boots. You need to pack more essentials like sunscreen, chapstick, and sunglasses.

Diverse Flora and Fauna

The Jomsom-Muktinath Trek is not just a good view but a dive into the diverse flora and fauna of the region. The trail takes you through forests, creating a beautiful natural air scent. You get to see various Himalayan bird species and unique wildlife. Nature lovers will love this trek because they will get to explore so much of the beauty of nature.

Spiritual Sojourn to Muktinath

Besides the natural beauty, the Jomsom-Muktinath Trek has many spiritual places to visit. The spiritual journey takes you to the sacred Muktinath Temple, a temple designed for both Hindus and Buddhists. This temple is a religious harmony with eternal flames and 108 water spouts. This spiritual connection to god provides a unique dimension to your trek.


Overall, the Jomsom-Muktinath Trek is an excellent opportunity for trekkers who enjoy nature. The view of beautiful flowers, and mountains is an amazing feeling. The trek offers an unforgettable experience that you will be enjoying throughout the year. We hope this blog has inspired you to start planning your trip. Remember always to follow the rules and regulations, for your safety, and enjoy the journey.

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