Ghale Gaun and Bhujung homestay trek including honey hunting  

Ghale Gaun and Bhujung homestay trek including honey hunting  


  • Experience typical Gurung lifestyle during the homestay 
  • Vista of sunrise above Mt. Manasulu and Mt. Annapurna 
  • Observe unspoiled Gurung culture and tradition 
  • Amaze at the beautiful landscapes 
  • Tread into the deep forest to watch Honey hunting 


Ghale Gaun and Bhujung village homestay trek including honey hunting is a scenic treat, further enhanced by the colorful villages and exotic traditions. Ghale Gaun is an untouched habitat of glorious ‘Gurkhas’ namely Gheles. The quaint village on the lap of Annapurna circuit offers the vistas of multiple snowcapped mountains including Himalchuli (6747m), Mount Bouddha (6974), Mount Lamjung, Mount Annapurna IV (7525m), Mount Annapurna II (7939m), Mount Annapurna (8091m), Mount Macchapuchare (6693m). Ghale Gaun and Bhujung village homestay trek including honey hunting is a perfect trip to get up-close insight into rural life, ancient Gurung culture, custom, belief, and their honey haunting skills. Observe traditional dances like Jhankri, Krishna Charitra, and Ghatu and don’t miss the chance to groove with them. For a few days, adopt a new culture and lifestyle. 

A view tower near the Ghale Gaun offers a panoramic view of the mountains above and vibrant village below. Travel to another hillock housing a community sheep shed after relishing the view of mountains. Explore Uttar Kanya Temple, museum, botanical tea garden in Ghale Gaun, and monasteries. Enjoy the organic foods such as rice, lentil soup, Gundruk Achar, Makai bhatmas, spinach, potatoes too. Since everything is fresh and organic, it has a heavenly taste. 

Honey hunting refers to collecting the honey from wild bees found in the cliffs. Collecting honey while hanging 100s of meters above the ground needs courage, stamina, and skills. However, nowadays, multiple new technologies are used to collect the honey due to which the traditional style is on the verge of extinct. So to keep this tradition alive, the honey hunting program has been initiated. 

The beautiful village is renowned for homestay; thus, you will barely find any guest houses. The rooms are basic, however, it will make up to you by offering an astonishing view of mountains from its balcony. Unmatched vistas of sparkling mountains and humble Gurung people are sure to leave a mark. 

Recently opened as a tourist destination, the place garnered popularity among domestic and international tourists in a short period. Mostly due to the opportunity to experience remote lifestyle without traveling too far from the capital city. The short trek can be completed within 4 to 12 days as per the availability of time. Below is the 7 days itinerary that will give you insight to our package. 

Outline Itinerary 

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Dumre to Besisahar

The first day of the journey starts with a five to six hours drive from Kathmandu to Beshisahar via Dumre. The journey itself is a treat for the eyes. Beautiful views will accompany us all the time. We will ride through beautiful villages, terraced farms, brooks, and the gigantic river. We will take a short break in between the drive. The road is dotted with multiple hotels. We can stop and have lunch there. If we start our journey early, we will be in Beshisahar before the dusk. We can spend the remaining time strolling around the village, interact with locals, and enjoy the views. A comfortable night at a local guest house. 

Day 2: Trek from Beshisahar to Khudi to Ghale Gaun 

Start the day with delicious local breakfast then hop into the bus/van heading to Khudi. It will merely take half an hour to reach Khudi from Beshisahar. Our trek starts here. Walking on the vehicle route will be difficult due to dust. So diverting from the vehicle route, we will tread on the alternative walking trail. The five hours of trek will take us into the beautiful villages, colorful forests, and green valley. Shortly after we start our trek, sparkling mountains will start to play hide and seek with us. Enjoy the view of the Annapurna range. As we reach Ghale Gaun, locals will welcome us with garland and tika. They will introduce us to the family member, then escort us to our rooms. After dinner, we will head to a community hall where we can observe the cultural dance. Marvel at the unique culture, custom or join them, this night will be memorable. 

Day 3: Trek from Ghale Gaun to Ghanapokhari to Bhujung 

Wake up before the sun then head to view tower, which is merely five minutes away from the home you will be staying. Enjoy the enchanting view of the sun rising above the snowcapped Alps, then head to another hill station named Bhedi goth. Head back to the home and have breakfast consisting of local cuisines like phaphar ko sel roti, vegetable, jhiljhile, sukuti, chicken curry, etc. 

After breakfast, we will explore Ghale Gaun; stroll around the Gurung pilgrimage, tea garden, and Uttarkanya temple. We will then head to Ghanapkhari, which is around 30 minutes long walk from Ghale Gaun. Enjoy the view of Mt. Annapurna and Manaslu, walk past rhododendron forest, and observe honey hunting sites. We can spend some time relishing the beauty of Ghanapokhari before heading to Bhujung. Walk past beautiful villages, farms, forests, and villagers to reach Bhujung. After resting for a while, we will head out to explore Bhujung Museum, tea garden, monastery, and Kaiyo waterfall. We will walk back to Ghanapokhari, and spend our night there. 

Day 4: Free day to watch Honey Hunting 

Start the day early and enjoy the delicious breakfast while being enchanted by mesmerizing views. Today is a big day. We will be heading to the deep forests with villagers to watch honey hunting. It will be an amazing experience. After enjoying the process of honey hunting, it’s time to return home. Taste the honey, have dinner and call it a night.

Day 5: Trek from Ghanapokhari to Khudi 

Savor a delicious breakfast before starting our journey to Khudi. It is approximately a five-hour walk through beautiful forests, villages, farms, waterfalls, and caves. We can visit the Khudi Hydro Electricity site on the way. We will have our lunch on the way or in Khudi. Spend the remaining time exploring the village and interacting with villagers.

Day 6: Drive from Khudi to Pokhara 

Have breakfast, then hop into the private van. It’s half an hour’s drive from Khudi to Beshisahar. Though the road is bumpy and dusty, the view will keep us entertained. From Beshisahar, it will take us around three hours to reach Pokhara. Upon reaching Pokhara, we will settle in a star hotel. Freshen up and head out to explore the city of lakes, Pokhara. In Pokhara, we will visit Tal Barahi temple, Shanti Stupa, Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave, Devi’s fall, and stroll around Fewa Lake in the evening. Overnight at a hotel.

Day 7: Drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu 

Wake up before the dawn and head to Sarangkot to watch the sun rising above snowy mountains. The view from Sarangkot is spectacular. After spending sometime relishing the beautiful manifestation, we will head to the hotel, have breakfast then pack our belongings. Today we will be heading back to Kathmandu. It will be a beautiful seven-hour drive. We will drive past small settlements, hamlets, streams, brooks, farms, hills, and rivers. Upon reaching Kathmandu, we will drop you to your hotel. Spend the remaining time as you please. You may take rest or visits nearby markets to buy souvenirs. Have dinner, and take a rest. 


1) What is the maximum altitude of Ghale Gaun and Bhujung village homestay including honey hunting trek?

The maximum altitude covered in Ghale Gaun Bhujung homestay trek including honey hunting is around 2000m.  

2) Is Ghale Gaun Homestay trek suitable for children and elders?

This is a very easy trek passing through vibrant Gurung village giving trekkers glimpse of rural life in the foothill of Annapurna range. So anyone with good health can accomplish this trek easily. Hence, Ghale Gaun Homestay trek is suitable for children and elders too. 

3) What is the average duration of this trek?

Ghale Gaun Bhujung homestay trek including honey hunting can be completed within 5 to 12 days. 

4) Do I need to train before embarking on this trek?

No, since the trail is very easy, one can easily complete the trek without any special training. Anyone with average physical fitness can embark on Ghale Gaun Bhujung homestay trek. 

5) Is this trek suitable for solo trekkers?

Yes, Ghale Gaun Bhujung homestay trek including honey hunting is suitable for solo trekking. With the company of an experienced guide, solo trekkers can easily complete the trek without much toil. 

6) What kind of meals will be catered during the trek?

Organic farming is popular in Ghale Gaun. So trekkers are provided with fresh food prepared using the local ingredients. The basic meal includes rice, lentils, vegetables, gundruko aachar, meat, and salad. And breakfast includes millet bread, phapar ko sel roti, vegetables, tea, etc.

7) Is the meal included in the package?

Yes, Ghale Gaun Bhujung homestay trek including honey hunting package includes the three times meal. 

8) What kind of services can we expect from homestay?

You will be provided with basic facilities. A clean and tidy room, tasty organic meal along with heartwarming hospitality.

9) Are ATM booths installed there?

No, you won’t find any ATM booth there. 

10) Do I get a porter to carry my bag pack?

Yes, you will get a porter. 

11) Is giving tips compulsory? If yes, how much?

Though giving tips is not compulsory, it’s considered a kind gesture. You can reward your helpers by giving as much as you please.

12) Which season is best for honey hunting trek?

Villagers usually tread deep into the jungles twice a year for honey hunting. Spring and autumn seasons are ideal for honey hunting trek. 

13) How will be the electricity supply?

The electricity supply is good here. Sometime there may be a power cut but it’s not always the case. But, you are recommended to carry power bank and torch.  

14) How experienced will our guide be?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. So we always make sure that our staff is well trained and experienced. Thus, you will be provided with guides who know everything about this place.

15) How long do I trek each day?

Since it is a short trek, you will barely walk for around 4 to 5 hours each day on the flat terrain. 

16) What kind of room should I expect?

You will be provided a room with a basic facility. Please note that it is very difficult to find a single room here. And, a single room is overpriced so it is better to book double bedroom. 

17) Is internet service available?

Yes, but do not expect high speed internet service there. 

18) Are there any chances of me suffering from altitude sickness during Ghale Gaun trek?

19) No, altitude sickness usually starts from an altitude of 2,500m. Ghale Gaun sits at an elevation of 2,016 meters. 

19) How large the groups should be for this trek? 

We can manage no matter how big or small group you have. This trek is exciting and fun when enjoyed in group. 

20) Can you customize our trek?

Yes, we believe it’s your vacation and you have every right to enjoy it the way you want. We personalize the package as per your desire. We are open for queries and feedbacks. Customer’s comfort is our utmost priority. 

21) How do I book Ghale Gaun Bhujung homestay trek including honey hunting package?

To book Ghale Gaun Bhujung homestay trek including honey hunting package, you can simply contact us. Last minute booking is also welcomed but it can appear slightly expensive than regular booking.  


Ghale Gaun Bhujung homestay trek including honey hunting package is a pocket-friendly short trek to experience adventure in the midst of nature. Enjoy the traditional Nepali lifestyle at homestay and challenge yourself while honey hunting. Book your seat now and enjoy our top-class service. If you want to customize the itinerary, you can consult our team of experts. 

Hope you find this blog helpful.

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